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How to Build a Fire Pit

View the video or read the following instructions show how to build a fire pit using Premium Fire Pits high quality Fire Pit Kits.

Step 1


Build an inexpensive custom hearth by using three 6 inch tall manhole extensions. Just stack, skim coat outside surface, and finish with your favorite material (stone, brick, stucco, etc.) The concrete manhole extensions can be found at any concrete pipeline foundry in your area.

30 inch manhole extensions fit perfectly with our 30 inch crossfire combustion system.

37 inch manhole extensions work great with our 36 inch crossfire combustion system.

Step 2


For a natural gas hook up make sure the gas line is plumbed in 3/4 in pipe. Attach gas line to gas valve using 3-4 foot flex hose.

Set cinder blocks on the ground for the pan to set on.

Note: The tubes on the bottom of the pan are not legs. The plastic pipe is a drainage spout and the metal tubes are control panel support arms.

Step 3


Attach 110 power line to outlet plug in located on control panel, it is recommended to remove outlet from control panel and mount to side of hearth within 12in of transformer,(use longer pig tail if necessary to reach transformer) this will allow easier access to system, if service is ever needed, relight itself, if ignition does not happen in 90 seconds.

Step 4


Attach gas line and check for leaks using soapy water.

Turn the system on to test that it is functioning Correctly before placing it in the hearth.

Step 5


Place pan in hearth on top of the cinder blocks.

Step 6


Spread out the lava rocks on the bottom of the pan. Be sure not to cover up any of the gas jets. This will block the flame and cause it to be low or nonexistent.

Step 7


If a log kit was purchased open the logs box and place the logs on the lava rock as shown


Building a Fire Pit with Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining wall blocks are readily available at home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. The retaining Wall Blocks make the perfect fire pit surround for both wood burning and gas fire pits. With the wide variety of blocks available, it is easy to find several options to fit any outdoor decor.

Wood Burning Retaining Wall Fire Pit Insert

The fire pit rings section has several options for drop in inserts that add some extra flare to your retaining wall block fire pit. The diameter of the rings are 30 inches and require a minimum fire pit height of 8 inches. Assemble your block surround and simple drop in your fire pit ring.

Gas Retaining Wall Block Fire Pit

If you are looking to create a simple surround for a gas fire pit then retaining wall blocks are a great option. Retaining wall blocks 8-12 inches are recommended for constructing a surround for the 30 and 36 inch Electronic Ignition Drop In Gas Fire Pit Kits. Make sure your fire pit includes both 110 electrical power and gas supply for the drop in gas fire pit. If power is not accessible the a match light fire pit kit is a great alternative. All Rights Reserved. A leading online retailer of Fire Pits

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